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Maleki GmbH is a symbol for unique and leading technological innovations to face up to modern day challenges by the construction industry and its stakeholders.

About us

Maleki GmbH was established in the city of peace called Osnabrück in 2007 founded upon 15 years of Research & Development experience from Hossein Maleki on Green Building Materials.His starting point was more than 15 years ago when he researched the use of Frankfurt City waste of incineration plant as a component for building materials. He was working as an assistant to the most famous German Building Chemistry expert, Professor Dr Knoefel from the University of Siegen. 
His career path continued with a range of companies both in the US and Germany in the area of research and development.
Those companies included the well known names of:

  • Heidelberger Cement AG 
  • Deitermann (today: Weber Deutschland GmbH) 
  • Remmers Baustofftechnik GmbH 
  • Laticrete International, Inc. (USA)

The co founder of Maleki GmbH is Matthias Gelber, who discovered his passion for the environmental as a teenager while growing up in a little village in Germany.He started out his journey as a trainer and consultant for Environmental Management Systems and built up a successful business in this field. 
His realization developed that the best way to green the market is by being part of it. This resulted in him supporting Hossein with the formation of Maleki GmbH with the dream that the technology will reduce the world’s CO2 emissions by 1 %.

VideoVideo Matthias Gelber