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Green Building

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Maleki GmbH is a symbol for unique and leading technological innovations to face up to modern day challenges by the construction industry and its stakeholders.

Green Building Products

We as Maleki GmbH are specialized in the use of puzzolanic and latent hydraulic materials such as blast furnace slag and fly ash in the dry mortar industry.

In this area, we represent unique and leading technological innovations which address today's challenges of the construction industry which are required by the customers as well as contractor companies.

The products which are based on our unique binder system technology are characterized by high chemical resistance, good workability and excellent performance. They are primarily used in the dry mortar industry, especially in the sector of the repairing of concrete structures, corrosion protection, waterproofing and surface protection or in the application of self leveling industrial floor systems.

These developments, in the dry mortar and silicate technology are based on 15 years of experience in product research and represent the future of highly efficient building materials which are environmentally friendly.

In addition to our test certificates such as "Blue Angel", "drinking water approval" and "Chemical resistance" the use of Maleki products can lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 60-80% compared to conventional cementitious products.